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Petersons Are Grrrrrrrrrreat!

Petersons Are Grrrrrrrrrreat!



Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Ideas!

We just got back from our visit back to utah and we both learned an important lesson. John is not as young as he used to be. He recently turned 30 and I joked to him if he felt any different and he said he didn't. Well now I know that at the exact moment your body turns 30, although you might not feel different, your body immediately weakens pulling calcium from your bones. This calcium deficiency somehow is correlated to your brain giving you an increase in testosterone making you think you are invincible! As you can imagine the combination of the 2 can be very harmful if given the opportunity. That said opportunity was given on our first day in utah.

We got there and kaysen really wanted to play in the snow. Most of the the snow was melted but my brother led us to a large hill that was covered in solid ice! You couldn't really even walk up it with out falling down. We decided to go sledding. For sleds we took the most appropriate items which included one purple sled and two boogey boards.

Well after an hour or so of sledding johns calcium deficiency and testosterone production began to work its magic. We decided to up the fun level by going down the boogey boards in somewhat braver ways. My brother suggested that I go down standing up on the boogey board. Having plenty of calcium and low testosterone levels I quickly declined. I did decide to go down on my knees with one on each boogey board. It was easy and not scary at all. So everyone tried it and we all felt a little bit cool.

My brother then tried his luck with john daring him to go down surfing style on the boogey board. Well being 30 this sounded like an excellent way to start his mid-life adventures. Johns 1st attempt was short lived he fell off in about 5 feet and no damage was done. Thinking that even if he did fall it probably wouldn't hurt john decided to try again. Unfortunately he forgot about the whole idea of that faster you go the harder you fall. He bravely mounted the board and began to surf. He actually was doing great! He was cruising and looking like one cool cat. That was until the final jump! There were two jumps on this ice hill. The first one was minimal but started to calamity by unstabiling john for the second. The second jump put john in the air and from what it looked like from my viewing point on the top of the hill he landed on his head.

Seeing that my husband couldn't get up I quickly rushed down to rescue my damsel in distress. Johns arm was in fact broken!!! He completely broke his radius. I think it swelled up to about the size of a watermelon. So now you see how dangerous turning 30 can be. So I post this as a warning to all those males out there who are 29. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it can't be more that a year or 2 because my brother who will be 32 this year refused to surf after john did seeing how dangerous the outcome can be even if it meant loosing the glory of the ride!


Katie said...

Poor John! Glad you guys had a good vacation

tracyp said...

Man the whle story finally! I'm really hoping the same doesn't happen to women when they turn 30 or I'm in trouble this year. I feel some joke about carrying the watermelon but its just not coming....

Dave and Marie said...

Okay Lara, so I checked out your link to you myspace (I'm updating my list) and I had no idea you turned iiinnndiiiaaaan. lol! Check out the link.