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Petersons Are Grrrrrrrrrreat!

Petersons Are Grrrrrrrrrreat!



Friday, January 15, 2010

Bad Ideas!

We just got back from our visit back to utah and we both learned an important lesson. John is not as young as he used to be. He recently turned 30 and I joked to him if he felt any different and he said he didn't. Well now I know that at the exact moment your body turns 30, although you might not feel different, your body immediately weakens pulling calcium from your bones. This calcium deficiency somehow is correlated to your brain giving you an increase in testosterone making you think you are invincible! As you can imagine the combination of the 2 can be very harmful if given the opportunity. That said opportunity was given on our first day in utah.

We got there and kaysen really wanted to play in the snow. Most of the the snow was melted but my brother led us to a large hill that was covered in solid ice! You couldn't really even walk up it with out falling down. We decided to go sledding. For sleds we took the most appropriate items which included one purple sled and two boogey boards.

Well after an hour or so of sledding johns calcium deficiency and testosterone production began to work its magic. We decided to up the fun level by going down the boogey boards in somewhat braver ways. My brother suggested that I go down standing up on the boogey board. Having plenty of calcium and low testosterone levels I quickly declined. I did decide to go down on my knees with one on each boogey board. It was easy and not scary at all. So everyone tried it and we all felt a little bit cool.

My brother then tried his luck with john daring him to go down surfing style on the boogey board. Well being 30 this sounded like an excellent way to start his mid-life adventures. Johns 1st attempt was short lived he fell off in about 5 feet and no damage was done. Thinking that even if he did fall it probably wouldn't hurt john decided to try again. Unfortunately he forgot about the whole idea of that faster you go the harder you fall. He bravely mounted the board and began to surf. He actually was doing great! He was cruising and looking like one cool cat. That was until the final jump! There were two jumps on this ice hill. The first one was minimal but started to calamity by unstabiling john for the second. The second jump put john in the air and from what it looked like from my viewing point on the top of the hill he landed on his head.

Seeing that my husband couldn't get up I quickly rushed down to rescue my damsel in distress. Johns arm was in fact broken!!! He completely broke his radius. I think it swelled up to about the size of a watermelon. So now you see how dangerous turning 30 can be. So I post this as a warning to all those males out there who are 29. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it can't be more that a year or 2 because my brother who will be 32 this year refused to surf after john did seeing how dangerous the outcome can be even if it meant loosing the glory of the ride!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


This has been a very busy and crazy week for us. Work has been so busy. I am running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. John had finals this week and then has been at a class to review for boards. And on top of everything I developed a kidney infection this week. Which makes me extra tired, in pain, and somewhat sick feeling. I had to work though because it was just so busy to call in so I just pushed through the pain. Well saturday was especially busy and long. I finished up work and just felt completely drained. I took the babysitter home and then kaysen and I waited for john to get done with his class. I feel asleep on the couch for a few moments and woke up in a pile of my own drool when john got home. I felt a little better after my 5 minute power/drool nap so we decided to go out to the mall because we hadn't done anything fun this week.

Kaysen didn't get his usual nap because he was too busy playing with the babysitter so he fell asleep in the car. John carried him as we walked around to a few stores. We decided to go into famous footwear and thats when our troubles started. As many of you know I tend to pass out on occasion. Especially on amusement park ridges that have strong g force or go upside down. It has been a long week and I think my body was just done from the infection and all the work. I think it finally decided to just shut down. We were in the store and I felt weird. I decided to sit down and thats when I stopped talking or responding. So as john held a sleeping kaysen he grabbed my head to support me as I slipped out of consciousness. So it must have been a sight to see. John holding a sleeping 4 year old while supporting his passed out wife from falling to the ground. After awhile I guess I woke up. For some reason my eyes were running with tears I don't know why. We then tried to make our way back to the car stopping every few feet or so to sit down because I was feeling a little light headed. We made it back home and headed up to bed. Of course I couldn't fall asleep. I just felt awful. I was completely exhausted but couldn't fall asleep. In my crazy light headed, exhausted, sick confusion I decided that this might in fact be my last night on earth. I started to say my goodbyes to john and found he was asleep already! This then made me so mad. Here I am about to die and my husband doesn't even care enough to stay awake to say goodbye to me. I then woke him up and told him if I didn't make it through the night I loved him. I also said I wanted him to stay awake with me until I was gone. That lasted all of 3 seconds until he started to snore. I decided it was his loss. He would regret not saying goodbye to me and I guess he would just have to live with that. Well after an hour I was able to drift away as the words "Goodbye world" Slipped from my mouth.

Well you can imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning. It in fact was not my last night on earth! I was just extremely tired and in hind sight maybe a little crazy. So I am happy to still be here and I also learned a valuable lesson. Despite what I believed up until this point john can multitask. He held me up while carrying kaysen and that is a big step in the right direction. And I am happy to report I am feeling somewhat better today. Especially mentally.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry christmas to all especially motorcycle Santa!

Well Christmas is upon us once again. I'm excited and can't believe it is already here. It is at this time of year when I am thankful for a lot of those things. One: Christmas lights. Two: Motorcycle santa. And Three: Presents! There are also somethings I am not thankful for.

I love looking at lights but I am too lazy to put them up, also I think it helps if you own your own house. So kaysen really wanted to put lights up on our house. There was no way that was going to happen. So being the evil mother that I am I came up with another idea. We live in a end unit on a row of town houses. Ours faces the side while all the others face the street. Our neighbors put up lights on their house and it's kind of hard to tell if they are ours or theirs so I told kaysen they were ours. He is really proud of our christmas lights.

It was really windy one Wednesday here. On my way home from work I was talking to John and he said that someone had decorated the bottom of our pine bush. He said it was really weird because they only put a few bulbs and a ribbon on the bottom. Well I forgot about it and never looked at it. On Friday I was pulling into the garage and noticed our wreath on the front door was gone. Immediately I knew where it was. When it was windy it blew off the door right under our pine bush. Since the wreath is pine too blind as a bat John thought someone was trying to give us a Christmas miracle by decorating our bush (and a poor job I might add). When I went out is was so obvious it was the wreath. It made for a good laugh though.

I also love motorcycle santa. If you haven't seen him driving around St. Louis yet then I am sorry for you. I past him on my way to work. He is dressed in full santa gear, beard and hair too. The best part is he randomly waves his hand ever 5 seconds or so even if there are no cars driving by or passing him. I think motorcycle santa is great!

The only reason I hate this time of year is because it flares up kaysens cyclic vomiting like crazy. While out christmas shopping this year at a busy mall kaysen wanted to go and play. We were at the mills mall so we took him to the indoor park which is right next to santa. Needless to say this is the busiest part of the mall. After about 10 minutes of play kaysen slowly started to walk over to us. We knew immediately by his pale appearance that he was going to vomit. So john grabbed him up and I looked for the nearest garbage can. It was right behind santas workshop. Unfortunately we didn't make it the 10 feet to the can. Kaysen started to projectile vomit. Immediately people started to scream and wail and I'm surprised nobody rent their clothes. As kaysen continued to projectile vomit all over the garbage can getting a few drops in I ran to get help. I found a security guard who was willing to leave his post to help me guard the vomit until maintenance got there. Hey when duty calls you must answer. So John and kaysen left to go get the car and me and the guard (known here on out at duty) kept a keen eye on the vomit. Being in the most busy part of the mall next to santa and the park, we tried to stop people from walking into certain doom. I would warn people not to throw away their soda in this particular can because "There is throw up on the ground". Many would just look at me like I can't tell them what to do and then proceed to walk full on into the vomit and to the trash can. Then they would start to freak out that they stepped in vomit and it was all over their shoes. Well at this point I kind of think they deserved it because they were warned. Although to their credit it was a pretty big radius. After what felt like an hour of guarding with duty my Spanish savior arrived to clean up. I told her I was really sorry and felt really bad. She smiled and waved me on. At the time I thought she was nice and understanding. Now I realize she probably didn't understand a word I said and was just trying to get me out of the way so she could clean up before there were anymore fatalities. I think this episodes really takes the cake for the most amount, most embarrassing, and most stinky throw up.

Monday, November 23, 2009

How Things Are

Well were very excited for Thanksgiving around here. John has the whole week off from school and that is the most exciting part. I only have Thanksgiving day off but at least we can spend it together. We're staying here this year and we don't have any visitors. I'm actually kind of excited about this because I can just relax, do what ever we want, and not have to entertain anyone. We'll probably put up our Christmas decorations and tree that day too.

We got kaysens results back from his mri and he is great! He doesn't have a brain tumor so that is good. He does have a cyst on the left side of his cerebellum but it shouldn't be a problem or be causing any of his problems. I'm glad to know it is just the cyclic vomitting. So now we just are trying to find something to help him deal with it better. We upped his does last time we went to the dr. but its coming back. He's had 2 episodes in the past few days. One we had to pick him up from school. It seems to be worse when its cold. We are for sure living somewhere dry when were done with johns school.

My work is going good. I've been there 4 months now. Were doing good and trying to make it through the end of the year. Kaysens been sick a lot, i've been sick some, and john has been sick too. John is actually the worst at being sick because he is a big baby. He acts like he is the sickest that anyone has ever been and he'll probably die at any moment. So this probably sounds horrible to say but its almost easier when kaysen is sick cause he just sleeps where as John wants a servant to fan over him and basically wipe for him.

Well I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ninja Warrior and Coffee!

Well I love posting about the funny things kaysen does. If I didn't have kaysen I don't think I would have anything interesting to write about. Well lately Kaysen is into two things Ninja Warrior and Coffee.
Let me explain Ninja Warrior. If you haven't seen it you should. It is a Japanese game type show. Contestants (mostly Japanese) compete in a extremely grueling obstacle coarse. They have to do in in a certain time limit. There are 3 stages and if you complete them all you are a ninja warrior. I think only like 2 or 3 people have ever completed in in the history of the show. Its really intense. Well it is also completely in Japanese. They do have English subtitles. Kaysen loves Ninja warrior. He doesn't even mind that he can't understand it. Every time he watches it he gets so into it and gets so nervous for each contestant. The best part is that where ever kaysen is in the house if he hears Japanese being coming from the TV his will run downstairs yelling, "My favorite show is on!" It doesn't matter if he is upstairs in his room far away he knows that Japanese means NINJA WARRIOR!

Another thing kaysen loves lately is Coffee. Well maybe just the idea of coffee. See we don't drink coffee so I think he must know about it from school. He tells me that all his teachers love it and always have their portable coffee mugs each morning. Well we were at a school event for John and they were giving out coffee mugs. You would have thought they were giving out trips to Disneyland the way kaysen reacted. He was SO excited! He immediately claimed the mug as his. Now every morning he can not start his day with out drinking his milk out of the coffee mug. He gets it and says "Ummmm that's good coffee." I remind him that its actually milk and not coffee. He then looks at me like I'm really stupid and says, "I know mom I'm just pretending." I sad part is I actually feel like I'm stupid for telling him that. Dang he's good.
Well it doesn't bother me I just think he is super cute. I can't help that fact that my little old man 4 year old is addicted to the idea of coffee or "coffee milkee" as he sometimes calls it. Oh well it gives me fun laughs!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Poopy Prayer!

Well after being severly dehydrated, I've learned its really hard (literally) to get your first B.M. out. So yesterday kaysen tried 2 different times for 40 minutes each time to get it out with no avail. We even tried coaching him by saying "Focus and Push". That usually works when he gets backed up but not today. So after 30 minutes on the 3rd try John decided it was time to turn to a higher power. John and Kaysen then said a prayer that kaysen would be able to get his poop out and that it would not hurt. Well more than 2 minutes later the package was delievered!!!! Then Kaysen proclaimed, "I love Heavenly Father cause he helped me get my poop out!" I just thought that was the cutest and funniest story. See even the little and dirtiest of jobs aren't too small for God. I don't know if I'll send that one into the friend. I just can't see them publishing it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Better

I am happy to report that kaysen is doing much better. He slept good last night and woke up at 5 am saying "Momma I'm so hungary!" So I got him a bisquit and he watched cartoons all morning. I'll take a 5am wake up any day over how he was yesterday. We've just been taking it easy today and doing things that require little effort like going to the library and napping.

Kaysen has been super hungary today too. Which is great. He ate his bisquit early and then breakfast. Then at 10:30 he ate a "snack" of fried chicken and goldfish. Then he ate lunch at 12:30 of soup! He is deffinatley making up for lost meals yesterday. He keeps bugging me to get him treats like doughnuts, candy, crabby patty gummys, and anything else sweet. I think maybe tonight we'll get him something since he's been feeling so good all day and since he's ate good too.

Right now were dealing with trying to go his first #2 after being dehydrated. Let me just say that is not fun. We've already tried 2 different times for about 40 minutes each time. I think we'll get some prune juice or something tonight. I never really thought about constipation as a side effect of dehydration but it makes sense.

So were going to see the pediatric neurologist next wed. I was pretty upset that they couldn't get us in earlier after all we went through last night. I just hope he doesn't have any more bad episodes before then especially since this weekend is halloween and he'll be super excited (which can sometimes cause episodes). John is going to try to leave school early so he can come with us. I just can't handle stuff like that by myself.

Today was a hard day for me. I think that yesterday I had to be strong and so didn't really let any emotions in. Today I broke down. Not because I'm worried really but because I guess I didn't get a chance to let my emotions out yesterday. So I had a good cry and held kaysen close.
Thanks everyone for you kind words. I will for sure keep you posted as things progress.